viDoc® Launch Event

Precise measurement for the first time
with the smartphone and tablet.

The makers of vigram and PIX4D talk about the viDoc®: the idea, the experience in practice, the possibilities of the system – and its thrust for digitalisation in construction. The strategic partnership and the exclusive worldwide distribution of the viDoc®. And present for the first time: the viDoc® for tablet.


The viDoc® is here.
Digital live event for the international launch.

The viDoc® is here. A world first made in Baden-Württemberg. Smart surveying on every construction site. Game changer for digital surveying and documentation of construction sites. A world first made in Baden-Württemberg: for the first time, precise surveying with a smartphone. With the viDoc®, vigram provides thrust for digitalisation in construction. For the first time, precise measurement and documentation with a smartphone and tablet. Successfully used on BIM pilot construction sites for “as-built” documentation. PIX4D, pioneer and global player in the field of “measurement with the help of images” is the strategic partner for worldwide marketing.

Live im Talk

Nicolai Nolle

Co-Founder, vigram

Sidon Futterknecht

Founder & CEO, vigram

Christoph Strecha

Founder and CEO from PIX4D