BIM-Cluster-Award 2021

Award for the best
BIM infrastructure project

The Stuttgart Regional Council (RPS) and its project partner viscan solutions GmbH receive the first prize in the infrastructure category for the best BIM project. The new construction of the B29 Essingen-Aalen in the first construction phase. viscan solutions has the role of BIM consultant for the entire project. vigram contributes its innovative technologies in the field of “smart documentation”.

Transport Minister Winfried Hermann, Heiko Engelhard (RPS) and Nicolai Nolle are pleased about the recognition of the BIM pioneering work.


BIM Cluster Award 2021

Presentation of BIM pilot project B29, BA.1

Stuttgart Wagenhalle, on 21.10.21 the time has come. Around 150 guests on site and a good 100 participants on the screen will experience the BIM Awards 2021 in five categories.

The Stuttgart Regional Council applied with one of its BIM pilot projects, which are part of a phased plan that will run for eight years. Its goal is to implement BIM in civil engineering and infrastructure. And to gain BIM guidelines for all future tenders of the state from the knowledge gained. Because from 2027 onwards, construction measures are to be realised only with BIM methodology.

Heiko Engelhard, Senior Construction Director, of the Eastern Construction Department of the Stuttgart Regional Council and Nicolai Nolle, CEO viscan solutions, accept the award together.

“First build, then plan.” These are the introductory words with which Heiko Engelhard vividly presents the project to all present. To start with, with a wink: because all practitioners know that planning and realisation often diverge extremely widely. “With BIM, the opportunity now arises to build a digital twin in 3D and to match this step by step with the realisation of the real building,” he continues. “We want to derive conclusions from the implementation for model-based planning.” This is a real challenge in infrastructure due to the extensive routes and the multitude of construction processes, such as roads, bridges, canals, shafts or retaining walls.
From the vision of “thinking BIM by doing it”, to the central goal of gaining as much experience as possible, to the concrete step-by-step plan with five construction projects, started in 2017. Step by step, the decisive BIM use cases were integrated and BIM use cases were integrated and tested and implemented in practice. A short film presents the dimension of the BIM pilot project with its concrete results. 2.1 kilometres of road, four structures, construction volume 20 million EUR, construction period 36 months from October 2020 to the end of 2023 and four BIM use cases.
We quote Winfried Hermann MdL, Minister of Transport of the State of Baden-Württemberg from the press release on the award ceremony: “I am pleased that the BIM Cluster BW is awarding a prize for outstanding projects in the field of digitalisation. The implementation of Building Information Modelling in the state of Baden-Württemberg is growing steadily. The award ceremony will help to digitise more and more projects in the state and we can make further progress in this area.” The minister reiterated the state’s goal of already introducing the BIM method in the Baden-Württemberg road sector in the medium term: “For the road sector, digitalisation offers many opportunities to ensure its own future viability. We still have some steps ahead of us, but much is already underway.”
“It’s all about Next Generation Construction Documentation. Bringing BIM into practice in transport infrastructure construction.” Nicolai Nolle emphasises that new technologies are needed to implement BIM in infrastructure. “The be-all and end-all is continuous documentation of the construction progress in order to be able to immediately compare plan and actual. You can no longer make appointments with surveyors who then come to the construction site especially for this purpose. The people who work on the site anyway – whether site manager, foreman or even the excavator driver – must be able to carry out the daily and often spontaneous documentation tasks. Because as-built documentation is created continuously – over time. Not all at once at the end of the project. Of course, surveyors and their services are needed on construction sites, viscan solutions is not an engineering office with some surveyors anyway. But they are to be used specifically and monitor processes.”

For data acquisition, on the one hand drones and with the viDoc® also handhelds are used, which turn a conventional iPhone into a professional surveying instrument. On the other hand, apps and innovative services such as viPoint – an innovative technology from vigram to automatically optimise and classify 3D point clouds. Why? Point clouds usually provide 80 to 85 percent too much data. The information that is actually relevant must first be filtered elaborately by a professional. This is processed via Pix4Dmapper or Cloud. The interaction with established CAD software solutions, such as iTWOcivil from RIB, is also crucial. This ensures an optimal workflow. vigram and RiB have just announced their cooperation.

Finally, Heiko Engelhard gives an outlook. The 2nd construction phase of the B29 will start in spring 2022. The aim is to use the experience gained and to operate the construction site digitally to the maximum. The technologies from vigram are also at the heart of this project.



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