Multi Measurement with RTK

Precise. Easy to handle. Flexible.

One device – many options

Precise measurement and documentation up to 1 cm + 1 ppm.

Fits in your pocket.

The future of single point measurement and 3D scanning

The viDoc®
as GNSS Rover
for single point-

Photodocumentation with front laser


The viDoc®
as a 3D scanner

The viDoc®
as an AR tool

Quick Start Guide
for your viDoc®

How to make your viDoc® ready for use.

Statement about the viDoc®

PIX4D User Conference, Denver 2022

Rami Tamimi about his experiences with the viDoc®

The form faktor

Form Faktor

Einfaches verbinden

Form Faktor

Handlich in der Bedienung

Form Faktor

Passt in die Hosentasche

Form Faktor


Form Faktor

Gewinde für Roverstab

Form Faktur

Einfaches Verbinden mit den Antennen

Form Faktor

Integrierter Frontlaser für Fotodokumentation

Form Faktor

Integrierter Bodenlaser für Rover-Funktion

Made in Germany

viDoc® Accessories