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vigram enables “Smart documentation”
for pioneers of resource-efficient construction.

“It's easy to be complicated. Doing things simply is the art."

Sidon Futterknecht

CEO and Founder, vigram

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"No BIM without as-built documentation."

Nicolai Nolle
Co-Founder, vigram

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vigram was founded in 2019 by tec-entrepreneur Sidon Futterknecht and co-founder Nicolai Nolle. As part of a comprehensive eco-system to promote digitization and automation: for resource-efficient construction, infrastructure - and we will see.

vigram offers a comprehensive solution for "smart documentation". A well-coordinated combination of hardware, software and services.

With the invention of the viDoc® , it's the start of a new era on construction sites: the smartphone in your pocket becomes a professional high precision surveying instrument. Equipped with GNSS and RTK for an accuracy of up to 1cm + 1ppm.

Easy to use by anyone, anywhere, at anytime.

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Development of the viDoc® is characterised by vision and imagination.

Tried and tested in selected use cases by innovative opinion leaders and experienced market players such as: Deutsche Bahn Engineering & Consulting, IGS-Ingenieure and Baden-Württemberg's Ministry of Transport. It works efficiently. Delivers fantastic results. Is extremely easy to use.

vigram provides the whole "Smart Documentation" eco-system. The viDoc® as hardware enabler, a selection of viApps for specific applications and the viPoint services for processing, refinement and output of point cloud-based data. You get everything you need to make your construction or infrastructure project more resource-efficient.


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