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vigram® is the Visionary Solution Provider for “Smart Documentation” – With a Focus on the Construction Industry.

Our drive: to open up new possibilities and set new standards for more resource-efficient planning, construction, monitoring and maintenance. By simplifying workflows, automating processes and even remotely supervising entire construction sites.

“Smart Documentation” has a key role to play here: from planning to construction and maintenance. For this purpose, vigram® develops hardware, software and services. And offers consulting and empowerment to introduce the new technologies in practice and to use them permanently.

vigram® is a fast growing company with currently exponentially increasing sales. At the moment, we are a team of 65 employees from 12 nations, and around 35 additional positions are planned by the end of 2023.

Our goal is to build a growing, modern organization with flat hierarchical structures and independent departments such as development, market development, production, finance and human resources. Our today’s core market is Germany with partners for international business. vigram® will continue to expand its business internationally in the coming years.


UX Designer, Senior iOS Architect, Senior Backend Architect, Senior Infrastructure Engineer etc.

Customer Operations

Partner Manager, Sales Manager, Event Manager etc.


Finances, HR etc.



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