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To do this, please download the viDoc® app from the App Store.
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Quick Start for your viDoc®

This is how you make your viDoc® ready for use.
Make sure that your viDoc is fully charged.

Tips & Hints

Check the internet connection (3G, LTE) before connecting to the device.

You do not have an NTRIP service? Normally there are several provider available in your region. Please check this out at your survey department.

To receive enough satellites you need to be outside in the open air.

Dialing into the NTRIP takes < 90 seconds.

When switching to another base station, a restart of the hardware and app may be necessary.

Download the viDoc® app from the AppStore.

1. Register with vigram.

Use a user-related email address (such as john.doe@…) and not a general business address (such as info@…).

vidoc Registrierung 01 1024x1024

2. Activate the camera and Bluetooth.

Allow access to position data, the camera and the use of Blootooth at first request. You must allow this for the viDoc® app to work on your iPhone.

vidoc Registrierung 02 1024x1024

3. Charge your viDoc® before switching it on for the first time.

Use the supplied USB cable for this purpose. It is best to fully charge the battery once so that it retains its full charging capacity permanently.

Quickstart Laden square 1024x1024 1

4. Turn the antenna in until the first resistance is reached.

This corresponds to approx. 4 turns.
Caution: Do not overtighten.

5. To connect your smartphone to the viDoc®

The viDoc® case ensures a stable connection. You can easily unlock the viDoc® at any time thanks to the rotating mechanism.
Hold your smartphone horizontally against the viDoc® case.
Engage the mechanism.
Turn 90 degrees until it clicks into place.

6. Switch on the viDoc®.

To switch on the viDoc®, press the on/off button for 3 seconds. The LED lights up green.

Quickstart einschalten square 1024x1024 1

7. Start the viDoc® App. Create a project and a new measurement.

To do this, press the “Projects” button at the top left.

vidoc Registrierung 03 1024x1024

8. Connect the viDoc® with the smartphone.

Tab on the satellite sign to connect the viDoc® to the smartphone.

vidoc Registrierung 04 1024x1024

9. Establish communication with the correction data service.

For communication with the correction data service (NTRIP) we need the address, port, user and password. Make sure that the data stream (mount point) and project coordinate system match.

vidoc Registrierung 05 1024x1024

10. Press the „Done“ tab.

After successful connection, the satellite icon turns green.

vidoc Registrierung 06 1024x1024

11. Now you are ready for use.

vidoc Registrierung 07 1024x1024

The bottom and front lasers are already activated.

The App support is subject to a charge. If you have questions or problems with the hardware, you can create a request under SUPPORT.

Functional overview

viDoc Registrierung Schaubild Übersicht Funktionen de02
viDoc Registrierung Schaubild Übersicht Funktionen de01


Tragen Sie sich ein und erhalten Sie immer aktuelle Informationen über das viDoc® und vigram®

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