This is how easy it is to turn your tablet into a professional surveying tool.

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Accuracy to within 1cm + 1ppm

The best combination of GNSS, videogrammetry and 3D laser scanning.

viDoc Smartphone 2

Surveying – a brand new approach

Surveying and documentation with the tablet has never been so highly accurate, efficient and simple..

The application itself is child's play: after measuring control points via laser, the user captures the object to be documented using the tablet camera. They can decide whether by film (through videogrammetry) or by image recording. The data is then modeled in the cloud.

The lightsaber was yesterday. Precise measurement by laser.

Front laser: For exact distance measurement. Makes images measurable.

viDoc Tablet iPadPro11 Laser 01

Easy and fast

For simple projects such as mapping earth masses, the user will have a complete 3D point cloud in around 30 minutes.

Out of the box:
Surveying, documentation and more.

The viDoc® in a robust outdoor box: protected against wind and weather - ready for use on the construction site.

Box Orangetablet offen 1920x1080

How to buy a viDoc®:

Just send us your request - we will be happy to make you an offer.

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