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vigram site

For use on large construction sites
in the infrastructure sector.
Enables precise and comprehensive documentation
of BIM construction sites.

Who is the vigram site app for?

Specially developed for use on complex large construction sites in the infrastructure field: with various construction activities such as roads, bridges, canals, retaining walls, etc.

Allows various users to work in a network on the construction site. Also the integration of different technologies for data acquisition, such as drones and the viDoc. As well as keeping construction diaries.
Ensures a seamless workflow in linking to cloud processing and the use of the data in CAD programs.

Now you can:

> Place yourself on construction sites in real time globally or locally with your smartphone

> Document BIM construction sites with high precision

> Measure precisely up to 1cm + 1ppm through the RTK
Function of the viDoc

> Measure and stake out individual points

> Create 3D models with absolute coordinates

> Take photos with high positional accuracy for the recording of data

> Work in a networked team

> Integrate different technologies for data acquisition, such as drones and the viDoc

> Record video and photos with real-time data tracking

> Further processing in Cloud Processing + Pix4D Cloud advanced

> Local processing (various third-party providers)

> Processed Output on Smartphone

> Layout function can be used with laser and / or rover rod
> Distance and area measurement
> Calibration in local construction site networks
> Improved position accuracy in poor satellite constellations through algorithmic compensation functions
> Active target tracking for automatic assignment of control points, which are signaled as black and white target marks to measured individual points
> Do photogrammetric model calculations
> 3D model viewer
> Synchronization and interfacing to CAD systems such as iTWOcivil

59 EUR per month


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