Being a joint game changer

vigram and PIX4D are strategic partners in the field of "smart documentation". To jointly develop solutions that do not yet exist: for efficient assessment and tracking of construction progress.

PIX4D is a pioneer and global player in the field of "measurement with the help of images". Founded in 2011 in Prilly, Switzerland, PIX4D now has over 50,000 active users and 7 locations around the globe.

PIX4D believes that image-based technology will bring intelligent eyes to the robotics of the future.

"We've learned: the people on the construction site want to hold something in their hands. In order to simply measure at close range - without any loss of detail."

Christoph Strecha Founder and CEO, PIX4D

The strategic partnership between vigram and PIX4D involves two dimensions.

Dimension 1

Internationaler partner for the viDoc®

The viDoc extends the existing range of crane cameras for the construction sector to include the option of turning the smartphone into a professional surveying device. To have a “handheld” solution actually “at hand” for the steadily increasing demand for “as-built documentation”. Pix4D offers the viDoc internationally to give planners, architects, engineers and surveyors the opportunity to use the Pix4D Catch App with the viDoc.

Dimension 2

Partner for
Processing Services

vigram made a conscious decision to use Pix4D technologies for its Processing Services. They have continuously evolved over years and have proven themselves in the field. The vigram apps provide the interface to Cloud Processing.

Together we see huge potential for
"smart documentation" in the construction industry.