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Construction Supervisor /
Construction Manager

What we do together

> Leadership and project management of BIM lighthouse projects

> BIM model-based construction supervision in AWF 15-19 100%. Digital - Remote Supervision for Infrastructure and Civil Engineering

> Responsibility in joint appointments with clients and partners

> Advising clients and customers on BIM in construction and the use of automated documentation processes

One day...

vigram makes smart documentation to have a leading role in the implementation of BIM in infrastructure and civil engineering. With the vision: to be the enabler for “remote supervision” in construction.

That is why vigram combines innovative hardware, software and services to offer construction companies, planning offices and transport ministries a coordinated solution package for the BIM construction site. The focus is always on open interfaces to authoring software and CDE solutions. “Our laboratory is the practice” is the credo of Sidon Futterknecht, our CEO & Founder. That’s why vigram also offers consulting for construction companies and construction supervisors: in order to be able to optimally implement the BIM requirements in practice. And it is precisely for this area that we are looking for competent and experienced people. With expertise, a desire for new thinking, initiative, a sense of responsibility – and a heart in the right place.

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„Our laboratory
is the practice.“

That is the credo of
Sidon Futterknecht,
our CEO & Founder.

Already in the middle.

Since 2019, vigram’s technologies and expertise have been used in extensive BIM pilot projects of the Stuttgart Regional Council. The aim is to implement BIM in practice and to gather knowledge for all future infrastructure tenders.

About vigram

The head office of vigram is in Freiburg. Other branches are in Krauchenwies and Schwäbisch Hall. Your workplace is in Schwäbisch Hall or Krauchenwies. Founded in 2019, vigram GmbH employs a competent team from different nations. The multi-measurement tool viDoc, developed by vigram and presented for the first time in 2021, is described by Transport Minister Winfried Hermann “as a world first made in Baden Württemberg”. The strategic partner for the worldwide distribution of the viDoc is Pix4D. The recently launched automatic point cloud and future modelling service viPoint has been an integral part of RIB’s well-known iTWOcivil software from the very beginning. The launch of the vigram site app and platform for intelligent documentation and monitoring of infrastructure construction sites is imminent. “Complicated goes simple. Making it simple is the art.” That’s how Sidon Futterknecht ticks as a tech entrepreneur. But more on that when you get to know each other.

Is it tingling yet?

We look forward to a crisp, meaningful introduction. Preferably with a short statement: “That’s why I want to be in the thick of things at vigram”. Please send your information about you as a person, about reference projects & certificates to:


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Franziska Schwenk


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