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viDoc® Launch Event

For the first time, accurate surveying with the smartphone and tablet.
The makers of vigram and Pix4D talk about the viDoc®: the idea, experience of use in practice, the capabilities of the system - and its impetus for digitization in the field of construction. The strategic partnership and the exclusive worldwide distribution of the viDoc® .
 and present for the first time: the viDoc® for tablets.

Live talk:

Nicolai Nolle 03 1080x1080

Nicolai Nolle

Co-Founder, vigram

Sidon Futterknecht 03 1080x1080

Sidon Futterknecht

Founder & CEO, vigram

viDoc Launch Event Christoph Strecha 1080x1080

Christoph Strecha

Founder & CEO, PIX4D

Surveying and documentation with the smartphone have never been so highly accurate, efficient and simple.

Successful in the field. On various large construction sites for “as-built” documentation and surveying.

Transport Minister Winfried Hermann called the vigram technology a “world first made in Baden-Württemberg”. In December 2020 as part of the online presentation of the BIM pilot project “B29 Essingen – Aalen”.

Experience the international launch of viDoc on April 27, 2021. Together with our strategic partner Pix4D, the global player in the field of “UAV photogrammetry”.


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Das viDoc ist da.